Hook up jumper cables properly

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BR Bobo Roberts Apr 14, Another dead car battery? How to Tour the Good Housekeeping Institute. Go slowly in order to avoid mistakes that can damage the vehicles. Any pair of jumper cables is better than not having any at all. Always connect the jumper cables directly to the donor battery. Often, if this is the case, there will be designated terminals under the hood for use in case of a jump start.

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This will provide grounding for the jump start.

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How to Use Jumper Cables

First, make sure that small children are in a safe area away from the engine while you are establishing how to jump a dead car battery. Step 4: It's still wise to always carry jumper cables in your vehicle in case your power pack fails or isn't fully charged. It looks like white, green, and blue powder. Then, attach the jumper cables to the appropriate places. Then, attempt to start the vehicle.

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hook up jumper cables properly
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hook up jumper cables properly
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hook up jumper cables properly
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