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A third synonym, with similar general-purpose usage and starkness as "naked" but with a less negative connotation, is "bare". An article in The Guardian summarises Kenneth Clark's explanation of the difference between naked and nude: Don't keep it to yourself By Nick Carvell and Carlotta Constant. I had almost forgotten about the Robert Graves poem, which spells out one man's studied view of the differences in connotations. The skirt and petticoat enagua permitted to be seen beneath them a pair of statuesque ankles, nude to mid-knee. See this link.

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Its connotation has a "softer" edge to it, whereas "naked" is a bit edgier to the ear, perhaps because of the hard "k" sound.

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The age of sending nudes is upon us. Here's how to do it right.

However, in all his work, even in many of the nude portraits he took, there are veils, whether of glass or fabric or color washes. Anything to support your answer? Nakedon the other hand, has far wider connotations than nude. Don't keep it to yourself Technological advances have revolutionised dating experiences and sex lives too: I take being nude to be a conscience choice that implies relaxation, being comfortable in one's own skin with one's own nuditythe aesthetic beauty and grace of the uncovered human body particularly one that is physically fit and toned, male or femaleetc. It may not be a "good" answer, but it is a brilliant answer.

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what does nude mean
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what does nude mean
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what does nude mean
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